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For a minimum of 3 people, I am happy to bring the photography studio to you! Less than 3 people? No problem! Come check out my awesome workspace at WeWork Buckhead.


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Are you a little camera shy? Don’t worry! I will coach you through the entire photo shoot and instruct you on multiple poses and different angles. After you’re done “workin’ it” we will sit down together and look through your photos one-by-one, so you can pick out your favorites.

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THIS. IS. THE. BEST. After you select your favorite image, I will retouch your photo, on-site, so you can watch in amazement as I enhance your headshot to perfection!

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You own 100% copyright of your retouched images at no additional cost to you.

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I will provide you with a web-ready (low resolution) version of your photo that is formatted for posting online.

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I will also provide you with a print-ready (high resolution) version of your photo that is ready for printing.

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At the end of your session, you will receive a flashdrive containing all of your perfected images, so there is no hassle and no waiting for your photos!